Get to Know Us

What to expect when coming to a Sunday Service.

Getting to know Grace...

Grace is a family of faith made up of people from all walks of life and various cultures who value the presence of God in all aspects of God’s promises and provisions.

When you join us for a weekend worship service, you will find we are a warm and welcoming people committed to being a church where all people can experience God’s presence in a refreshing, life changing and enjoyable way. We are passionate about worship, the sharing of the word and releasing ministry to all who desire it.

What are the Services like?

When attending a Sunday service at Grace, you can expect to be warmly greeted and invited to coffee before the service begins. At Grace, we provide services for the whole family. Our worship is contemporary and expressive, followed by a biblical message and an opportunity to receive ministry and/or make a decision for Christ. The service is approximately 1.5 hours long, however we will be available for help as long as needed. As a guest, you are welcome to participate in every part of the service.

What can I expect To see?

As a Spirit-filled, Spirit led church, we desire the Holy Spirit to orchestrate the service, even when it lead us to a different direction than was originally planned.

You will experience people raising their hands, clapping, kneeling, and some even dancing in heart felt worship. You may hear some raising their voices in adoration and celebration of Jesus. Our children also are encouraged to participate in worship, and sometimes ministry, in the large congregation. We train and equip people to minister in the gifts as they serve those that come forward for ministry.

What is the preaching like?

You can expect to have a biblically based message presented by a seasoned minister. Because we believe the biblical pattern for ministry is not just one or two people sharing, you will hear several able ministers, as the Lord leads.