Neck & TMJ

Neck & TMJ

I want to give a praise report in regard to a healing that happened last night at the healing service (Sept.20)! On 8/29/15 I had an injury happen to my neck. At first I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move my neck. I decided not to go to the Chiropractor and to believe God for healing. Two days later, it was 50% better and I was able to function. But for the past few weeks, I have lived with dull pain, stiffness of neck and when I would turn my neck there would be this crunching sound and it hurt to turn and I had lost my full range of movement.

Last night, Barbara had a word of knowledge about the neck on the right side. That was me! I went forward and she placed her hand exactly where the source of pain and stiffness was. While she was praying, I felt a peaceful warmth come into my neck. Then the pain started leaving going up my neck, through my jaw and out my mouth. I asked the Lord, “Why is the pain going up my neck, through my jaw and out my mouth?” He reminded me of past jaw/TMJ problems; I clench my jaw at night. HE said He was healing that also and I would never suffer with that again. He reminded me of the prophetic word of the previous night that there is an open heaven, to open my mouth and breathe in the healing atmosphere and expect healing. So, I did. I felt so much better — the pain was gone, the crunching noise in my neck was gone and I had full range of motion again. While I was driving home it was so wonderful to turn my neck without pain and stiffness, and with ease. 

When I woke up this morning, I realized my jaw wasn’t stiff and my teeth didn’t hurt — I didn’t clench my jaw last night!

Thank You, Jesus!